Ship SaaS Faster

Simon is worried about recession and what that will do to churn and growth. Volkan is still working on pricing and UX.

Show Notes

Simon and Volkan discuss the summer season, the likely recession and how that is and will effect their MRR.

After the changes Simon made to SnapShooters marketing website, Google has decided to mess around with rankings off certain pages.

Volkan finished pricing without help from Stripe beta (but is hopefully he can delete code later). Also he ton of feedback from a hardcore Webflow user.

Simon on Twitter
Volkan on Twitter
SnapShooter - Simon's startup
Versoly - Volkan's startup

Creators & Guests

Simon Bennett
Founder and CEO of SnapShooter
Volkan Kaya
Bootstrapped founder of Versoly

What is Ship SaaS Faster?

Two bootstrapped SaaS founders giving weekly podcast updates about shipping product.