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Listen this week as hospitality extraordinaire, Chef Kim Brown, teaches us all about how to gather our friends and family in the back yard for a summer dinner party with the extra touches that make it a memory.

Topics Covered in This Episode:
* Tips for getting your friends and family together
* Setting the table
* Color palettes
* How to pick food- having something for everyone
* Playing music and other finishing touches
* Making moments special

Quote from this episode: “Coming out of a pandemic where we weren’t around each other, we just need to show as much love and have as much light as we can.” -- Kim Brown

Show Notes

To connect with Kim Brown, follow her on Instagram: 

Did you know Kim is an author? You can find her book "Suddenly A Woman" on Amazon:

What is The Woman Podcast?

The Woman Podcast, streaming from New Life Church of Arkansas, is designed to invite you into conversations that will encourage you, challenge you, and always point you back to Jesus. Thanks for joining us!