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Join us for Dodeca! This session is character creation and world generation!

Show Notes

This is a mini-arc to show the game, which is fully kickstarted and approaching completion.

This episode covers character and world creation before we have a two part adventure.
There is still time (before October) to get in on the action.
Check out the project on Backerkit!

The awesome artwork for the Dodeca RPG comes from some talented international artists:
Cover art from Diogo Nogueria
Interior art from Mustafa Bekir

Check them out on Twitter to see all the awesome projects to which they lend their fantastic skills.

Watch us live on Tuesdays at 21:00 BST on

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What is Garblag Games RPG Podcast?

This is the podcast feed for Garblag Games! Here you'll find the audio from our short run or one shot Twitch Actual Play games. We'd love it if you could come join us live at