Stone Real Estate Conversations

Charlie Hunter of Tailbird, covers the important matters with Peter Mumford around the new age of digital marketing. The discussion offers insights around what it all means & offers when selling your property. For any questions in relation to this podcast please contact Peter Mumford at

Show Notes

Charlie Hunter is part of the Stone Digital Team, assisting our clients in maximising the exposure of their properties whilst selling.
Digital marketing is a cost effective part of your overall property marketing strategy. Charlie explains how this works and why you would or should consider using our Stone digital strategy to help you on your next property sale.

What is Stone Real Estate Conversations?

Welcome to the Stone Real Estate Conversations Podcast where we cover everything to do with buying, selling and investing in real estate. This show is for everyone who is interested in property, whether you're a seasoned investor, or just wanting to know a little bit more. Stone Real Estate Conversations will bring you content to inspire and inform you on your real estate journey.