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You are worthy of all that you desire, and you can find it within yourself. Searching for external sources of love and acceptance is an unreliable practice. You can be the source of so much love, attention, and appreciation in your life if you take some time to care for yourself. The process of self-care builds momentum, the more stress you release the easier it will be to make positive decisions. Rewire your nervous system and become the source of love in your world, you deserve it!

Show Notes

❗ You are worthy of everything you desire: let's not confuse deserving love and taking from others. 00:20
🥰 Endogenously love yourself - value yourself, don't just go to the spa: we are looking for exogenous support because of guilt and shame.  02:57
💙 Source your love & safety from yourself: you can't source somebody else's love, but you can relax into appreciating yourself. 05:43
💆‍♀️ Will power is a limited resource: when you source your own needs, you take some downtime and you move and eat better. 08:30
💭 You are at peace if you appreciate yourself - you need this to be able to commit: create energy within yourself to fuel an inner world of calm and acceptance. 10:09
🏋️‍♀️ Exercise is a stress, not a source of peace. 12:52
💡 To consistently have a desire for self-care, there has to be peacefulness: a calm state needs commitment - that's when you get great ideas. 14:31
🥊 Fighting is often a downfall - it's about deep underlying beliefs combined with the nervous system. 16:43
✅ You can have it all - lean into it & feel curious: rewire the nervous system. 19:03
❤️ We all have a birthright to be happy, healthy & wealthy: stop comparing yourself with others. 21:30

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What is The Jill Cruz Podcast?

If you are a woman in leadership and/or aspiring for greater leadership and you are looking to have it all; success in your career, personal life, and health, you're going to love this podcast season.

I am incredibly passionate about this topic because I believe that as women leaders we can have it all! We don't have to settle for being successful in just one area of life such as our careers. We can orchestrate a life that is fulfilling, pleasurable, and healthy in all areas. We are all a "work-in-progress" but it's important to BELIEVE we can have it all or we surely won't get that.

We will be speaking about what it takes to be a successful leader AND have a thriving personal life. Topics include passion, purpose, grit, compassion, self-awareness, thought leadership, self-care, wellness, visionary thinking, and strategic leadership.
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