It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm

The goal of time off is to rest, find balance, and "sharpen the saw," so we return to our work refreshed. 

How can you encourage employees to take time, model taking time off yourself, and build a culture around time off well, so there is no felt change in services, regardless of who's on the beach sipping mai tais! 

We start by identifying what is the responsibility of the employee and what is the responsibility of the company. This is step one in making time off an actual option for employees. Once your team knows what they need to do to make time out of the office work for the company, it will make time off seem like a real possibility!

Listen in as Anna and Jill discuss how to organize time off well so it doesn't negatively impact business operations.

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Creators & Guests

Anna Ready
Technology enthusiast, accounting geek, and lover of all things systemized. Wife. Mom. Firm Owner (Accrew). Mostly just here for the jokes
Jill Chun
Passionate about leading and developing teams in meaningful ways. Won’t turn down a challenge and loves asking how we can refine a process so that it works for us (not against us). Always up for a good dance party

What is It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm?

Join Anna and Jill as they guide you on a journey of building something worth building.