Fire the Canon

Happy Monday! Are we late from last week, or early this week? Who knows. Look, we aren't JUST telling you what happens in chapters 26 through 45 of Moby Dick this week. We're also inviting you to a party that is DEFINITELY NOT A WEIRD SEX THING, explaining how to make bathtub crank, and telling you which apartments don't have glory holes in them. We thank you for your patience during the gap between this episode and the last, by the way - as Rachel's wedding nears, and Jackie is felled by the plague, time has been tight. We hope to be on a more regular schedule in October!

Bekah gets on Jackie's bad side. Jackie finds out she has Covid in real time. Rachel makes a slight concession to scholars of straightness. 

Topics include: decorating with a lot of pineapples, Fifty Shades of Grey, whale misunderstandings, slurpin' out of harpoons, honorable kicks, a soul trying to escape a brain, St. Vitus' Imp, janky throats, men without butter, pretty privilege, completely incomprehensible Pidgin, and juicy little pears.

Content warnings: drugs, sexual language, racism
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What is Fire the Canon?

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