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This week, we talk HBO Max, the trailer for the Dora the Explorer film and Showtime's Roger Ailes bio-series, The Loudest Voice.

Show Notes

This week, Swanson, Kiorein and Stairmaster discuss the arrival of Netflix competitor, HBO Max and what it means for the future of streaming. Then, the gang watches the trailer for the live-action Dora the Explorer film and marvel at how unfaithful to the source material it is. Later, the boys sit down to watch the Roger Ailes bio-series, The Loudest Voice and Kiorein goes into hiding. Discussions include: Selling condoms and machine guns, Sonic as a toilet, The Awful Avengers and acting through makeup. 

What is TV Tuners?

TV Tuners is an entertainment podcast that examines the week in television with wit and excitement. Every week, TV connoisseur and pop culture obsessive, Swanson, brings his best pals, Kiorein and Stairmaster, along for an examination of TV news, trailers and the hottest new shows hitting the air.