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Would you like to learn how a web developer became an insider in the capital markets? In this episode of The Insiders Guide to Finance, we have the pleasure of speaking with Tommy Humphreys, a true capital markets outsider turned insider. Tommy’s journey from a web design background to a prominent figure in the Canadian capital markets is inspiring. By fusing these two worlds together, Tommy founded, a leading stock market information service;  which, after a decade of growth culminated in a successful $17 million exit in 2022.

Beyond his entrepreneurial success, Tommy was an early investor in several successful public ventures, including Hive Blockchain, Lithium X Energy, Fiore Gold, and more. In our discussion, Tommy sheds light on crucial lessons learned about business, investing, and taking care of your mental health.

We discuss Tommy’s encounters with noteworthy figures in the industry, how he found his place in the media landscape in the early 2010s, and the challenges and rewards that come with acquiring wealth. Additionally, we learn about the origins of The Big Score newsletter and its significance in Tommy’s ongoing narrative. 

To hear all of Tommy’s insights on investment, capital markets, and entrepreneurship, be sure to tune in!

Show notes of this episode:
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Please note that the information contained in this interview is not financial advice but for entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor and make no warranties or representations concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained in this interview. I recommend that any and all investment decisions be made with the advice of registered investment advisors.

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