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This week Anna is joined by dog training Guru, Steve Mann, who is talking about his new training course that’s available on BBC Maestro. Steve is the founder of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and has over 30 years years experience. Ranging from training dogs as pets, or for detection and security, he’s worked in internationally in Africa, Dubai, China, Australia as well as in the UK. He is proud to have successfully trained over 100,000 dogs! 

He has a long list of celebrity clients too and often appears on TV and radio to promote and demonstrate the value of positive dog training. He really considers the feelings of dogs and focuses on creating a strong bond between dogs and their owners based on trust and clear communication. 

His books - the ‘Easy Peasy’ range of doggy training, are so well written and break down positively reinforced training brilliantly making it clear and fun for both dogs and their owners alike.

Facebook: SteveMann
Twitter: @SteveMannDog
Instagram: @SteveMannDogTrainer


BBC Maestro

Steve Mann has trained more than 100,000 dogs across the world – and now he’s handing you the lead. With his 30 years’ experience at your fingertips, you’ll go through 30 online lessons with Steve and your dog, covering everything from puppy essentials, recall and loose-lead walking, through to easing separation anxiety and socialising your pup as the world begins to open up again. You’ll even dig down into doggy body language and breed-specific behaviours, so you can manage the natural instincts of a terrier, retriever, or herding breed while keeping your home intact.
“My philosophy is that with the right knowledge, any owner can achieve the very best training results and build a happy life together with their favourite friend.” 
Start training your dog today with Steve Mann – just £64 with this special offer. Simply go to https://www.bbcmaestro.com/courses/steve-mann/dog-training/code/ANNAWEBB?utm_source=AnnaWebbDogPodcast&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=SteveMannAwareness and your discount will be applied automatically. Offer ends 21st September 2021. Terms apply: https://www.bbcmaestro.com/Annawebbterms

For more about Anna go to annawebb.co.uk

Music and production by Mike Hanson for Pod People Productions

Cover art by Jaijo

Cover photo by Rhain Ap Gruffydd at Gruff Pawtraits

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What is A Dog's Life with Anna Webb?


They’re companions, guardians, and much much more – they complete us. And they just might save us from ourselves.

Anna Webb explores all levels of modern dog ownership and brings to life why every dog is extraordinary.

She speaks to scientists and experts - people who have and are changing our understanding of dogs - on everything from emotional intelligence to nutrition to behaviour, delving deep into subjects like homeopathy, telepathic communication and the pet food scandal.

It's thought provoking, alternative, and not a little subversive.

Cover photo by @Gruffpawtraits