Clear On Life

In this episode we journey into the magical world of Buddhist Sutras and how they can help us in our modern lives.

Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Michael Charles Owens.  He is a  Buddhist teacher, translator, and author.  We explore what Buddhism has to say about purpose and meaning in life. But not the Buddhism you might be thinking of.

You see, in American Buddhist communities, there's a heavy emphasis on sitting meditation practice and not so much on the Dharma teachings. And even less on the Buddhist Sutra texts. Michael is an expert and a big proponent of Buddhist Sutras. And so, we explore the often overlooked magical world of these sutras and talk about how it can be applied in our modern daily lives.

You can find more of him and his work at

Also, a big shout out to SF Dharma Collective for facilitating this interview late last year.  SF Dharma Collective is a community run collective that hosts live online meditation classes, talks, and events. Check them out at 

I've decided to split this interview into two episodes to keep each under 45 minutes. I would call this interview a journey.  Enjoy.

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