Film Fumblers

Stay calm, drink water, listen to this episode, and don't take your hearing for granted. We're kickin' off March with Sound of Metal.

Show Notes

Arguably the best movie to reach general audiences in 2020, Darius Marder's Sound of Metal is a film full of surprises. The premise sounds basic on the surface: a drummer in a metal band starts to lose his hearing, but it goes much deeper than you might think. It tries to explore a lot of deep concepts: struggling to accept a reality without your passion, co-dependence, addiction, grief/loss, and a non stop longing for a return to normalcy. Sounds a bit like what many have gone through in 2020 in light of the pandemic and the turbulent political landscape, huh?

What is Film Fumblers ?

Four friends fumble through your favorite films with their favorite drinks.