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The Juiceless League can be a dangerous place if you are superstitious.

Show Notes

In this episode we talk about Joe being just a so so manager, Pops is better than Joe on this one thing, someone gets caught in a few lies, we aren’t talking about Rearden Metal enough, tension around the Harper Curse, The Philadelphia Experiment II are incredibly average, Swag is pumped about Baez and can’t stand Carpenter, Joe talks about his unique form of bar fighting, we still aren't talking about Rearden enough, a long and winding talk about the Gallo shift, potential new rules for the league, and still we aren't talking about Rearden enough, Joe’s handsome bot, poppycosh, confusion about who to root for in our league, are blowouts boring every week?, we tackle the questions around the systemic removal of violence in modern sports today, and a whole bunch of other crap.

What is Atlas Balked?

Welcome to Atlas Balked, a weekly chronicle concerning the mundane, weird, and maybe even sometimes dramatic happenings of a Simple Fantasy Baseball League .

This podcast captures the thoughts and musings Gregg, Joe, Jack and Tim - four of the twelve owners in the league.