Ad 2 Houston Presents The Admigos Podcast

This week the Admigos revisit their conversations with Marc Bacani, Amy Scott, and Alex Helou.

Show Notes

(00:00) Marc shares his experiences working with start ups to introduce products from Asia into the US markets.

(10:00) As a freelancer, connections are key. Listen as Amy shares her tips on connecting with potential clients.

(20:00) Alex takes us through his journey into the industry and how Ad 2 has helped him jump start his career.

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Amy Scott:

Alex Helou:

What is Ad 2 Houston Presents The Admigos Podcast?

The Admigos Podcast is a podcast for young professionals in advertising, media, marketing, sales and customer relations who are learning to navigate their careers. The Podcast features conversations that inspire, educate and guide anyone entering the communications industry.