Tennis Rockers

The club is supposed to be a fun, engaging, and healthy learning environment for kids to develop "tennis player" skills. On its face, those are admirable goals, but is that what's being given out and received? Take a closer look, observe, and reflect. Ask your child. Is your child's coach a "co-conspirator" actively working at fun and engaging tennis that turns into a healthy learning environment or does all of this have more of the appearance of factory floor work - trying to turn kids into "tennis products" that will come off the assembly line of coaching?

In this episode we again examine energy and intention on the court and how it impacts both enjoyment and learning of tennis.

Show Notes

The dentist doesn't yell at you for moving the wrong way while working on your mouth, so why does the tennis pro yell at you for not moving the right way?  Both mistakes can cause you pain and possible loss, yet they are treated very differently.  

No one wants a drill instructor for a dentist so why would they want one in a tennis pro?

In this episode, we examine the energy these two types - their motivations (control?) and how they impact other co-teaching pros, students and the facility.  We also speculate as to why people would choose and stick with such a pro - higher visibility or instantly appealing (an emotional purchase?) - and what it would take for them to change.

Could it be the drill instructor is more visible than the co-conspirator pro?  Could it be the drill instructor seems appealing on the surface but then their coarseness overtime is emotionally or mentally stifling?  What kind of a mixed message are we sending to kids who interact with these pros?  On the one hand, we're telling them the tennis club is a place to have fun and learn a cool sport but in practice, many times, we're putting them into a situation with coaches who are trying to "produce" a product (a competent tennis player) using a drill instructor mentality.    

Hopefully we've helped.  

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

What is Tennis Rockers?

Are you ready to re-imagine and reconstruct the way you realize not just the game of tennis but all the other ways you compete in life? Tennis Rockers pull together beliefs, concepts, ideas, people, and values from a cross-section of multi-disciplinary fields for the purpose of doing things a little different. Tennis Rockers don't just want to change the game, they want to help people think about changing how they see and live their lives.

Coach Claude and coach Sully cordially invite you to put the pedal to the metal and join an unconventional conversation on tennis and life. Nothing good comes from standing still.