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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain, QUiNTESSON, speaking.

Allow me to take you on a journey, beginning with Australian producer, Luka Sambe's 'People, Be Nice', one of my favourite productions of this year (what a melody!). Continuing on with deep and tribal sounds from Jamie Stevens, August Artier, Gab Rhome and Boogie Vice before I barrel roll into Anden - 'Brookland' (just wait for the drop!).

I glide into some deeper melodies like Lucefora - Harmonica and Prismode & Solvane - 'Acheron' - 2 beautiful productions that have this timeless feel to it.

We make our final ascent into a monster track of 2019, Jamie Stevens - A Bird in The Hand. What a release from Bedrock Records! Jamie, a key member of live act, Infusion, has been on fire! Carving a name for himself as one of Australia's finest electronic producers. 'A Bird in The Hand' is a prime example and my favourite track of 2019.

Finally, I leave you with ALT -'Things We Lost In The Fire' - remembering the victims and their families who have been struck by the devastation left by the recent bushfires in Australia.

Love and Prayers. Q

Show Notes

‘In The Mix’ tracklisting

1.     Luka Sambe - People, Be Nice (Day Mix) [Balance Music]
2.    Jamie Stevens - The Forgotten Dive [Replug]
3.    Luka Sambe - People, Be Nice (Eli Nissan Everlast Remix) [ Balance Music ]
4.    August Artier - Rakuyou [Kindisch]
5.    Gab Rhome & Mark Alow - Microbioma (Esteble Remix) [Bar 25 Music]
6.    Boogie Vice - Mother City Kids [KATERMUKKE]
7.    Anden - Brookland (Extended Mix) [Colorize]
8.    Lucefora - Harmonica [Sound Avenue]
9.    Solvane & Prismode - Acheron (Paji Remix) [3000 Grad Records]
10.  Jamie Stevens - A Bird In The Hand [Bedrock Records]
11.  All Living Things - Things We Lost In The Fire [Songspire Records] 

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