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On today's 156th episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome International Bestselling & New York Times Bestselling author, Tess Gerritsen, as we launch NOVEMBER WOMEN THRILLER WRITERS MONTH!

To many, Tess is a household name, what with her Rizzoli and Isles Detective Series, a number of books that generated a hit television series, as well as many other series of books.

Her newest thriller, The Spy Coast, is flat-out one more spectacular read. As you'll hear in this show, I've listed it among the Top 10 Reads of 2023. This is a page-turner that delivers on so many fronts. It's chock full of spies and intrigue, a murder that ignites the entire story, but the most impressive punch it delivers is the main character, Maggie Bird. Furthermore, Maggie's retired neighbors are not exactly as they seem, and lend authority and insights to the story.

Known as The Martini Club Series, we can anticipate more Maggie Magic to come, as Tess is calling this her first book in the new series.

I'm confident you'll find my conversation with Tess not only educational and inspirational, but sprinkled with humor and heart. Tess, as we all have come to learn, is a superbly talented writer and exceptionally gracious guest. I will have to say that I'd love to see how our episode would have differed if we had "opened it up to let the language flow."

From Medical Doctor to International Bestselling Author, Tess proves by yet another hit novel that she has staying power. To learn more visit:

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