Rabbit Hole Stories

In today’s episode, we spoke with Sam, the legend behind the Lightning Store and Wavlake. 

Sam grew up in the punk rock scene and has been part of the music and creative scene ever since. 

He discovered Bitcoin because of his friend Muzz, the guy behind Lightning Ventures, and decided to dig deeper. These days, he’s working on various Lightning projects. 

Mainly with Wavlake and the Lightning Store. Both projects aim to support creators and utilize the power of Lightning’s streaming functionality. 

You can follow Sam on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ltngstore

Or, alternatively on his nostr: npub1eequz6v23szzyx9utphsh8kg6kll50wte6sfh4vah8gdjtplcz6qg7at9s

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What is Rabbit Hole Stories?

🎙️ This podcast is about ple₿'s and their Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Stories.

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