Parenting in the Trenches with Karen Peters

Who better than an official Coach to tell us all about the inner workings and development of our Executive Functioning! Fleur is both an EF Coach and a Registered Clinical Counsellor who works with children, youth and adults who have ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. She'll be standing in the trenches with us today, helping us make sense of why our kids can't seem to get organized, regulate their emotions or effectively study for that test coming up.

Show Notes

Dear parents,

Do you regularly find yourselves puzzled when you step back and watch your child struggle with things like packing their bags, initiating tasks, managing time, transitioning well from one thing to the next, seem to lose focus super easily, or can't get a project done and handed in? Do you fill in the gaps by making charts and lists for them, giving them warnings about when something will end, or set timers or alarms to cue them to brush their teeth, set the table or leave for school?

You aren't alone. There are many functions tethered to the part of the brain that incidentally, develops last. We all know that our kids aren't born with executive functioning and that they learn it through being taught and by practicing it. However, many kids who are considered "neurodivergent" instead of "neurotypical", experience a different track of development and the learning pace of those skills, often making parents confused about why they can't seem to tackle the same tasks as their peers in the same ways.

We're talking today about how to take a pulse on what our kids are currently capable of, how to nurture the development of their executive functioning effectively, and when we need to manage our own expectations and shape our parenting strategies to fit their way of processing or learning.

Let's dive in together. As the parent of a child who is neurodivergent and as someone who loves supporting parents in the thickness of this particular trench, I'm truly with you.

Have a listen!

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Wishing you true regulation,

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