Crew Expendable | A Xenomorph Podcast

It's time to dig through an all-new Alien #1 from Marvel comics, continuing the story from Alien: Thaw and the Alien 2023 Annual.  

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Creators & Guests

Kenny Rohrbacher
Co-host of Crew Expendable, Contributing writer for Hard Drive
Neal Hallstrom
Co-host, producer and editor of MK Podquest and Crew Expendable, Sega enthusiast, Guy who builds things.
A robotic water-cooler discovered on the USS Sulaco after an Aliens Infestation. Art by Jade Dickinson
Tom Dorrington
The artist of our podcast thumbail

What is Crew Expendable | A Xenomorph Podcast?

A journey through the ever-expanding universe of the Alien media franchise hosted by two xenodorks.