The Food Intelligence Podcast

This week's episode is a short and sweet repost from our friends at the Food Navigator Podcast, hosted by Flora Southey. Tastewise CEO Alon Chen joined Nick Vadasz ("The Pickle Man") of Vadasz Pickles and Ole Schaumberg of Just Legends to explain what consumers crave when it comes to holistic wellness. 

Where once healthy diets focused on weight loss alone, today’s consumers want more from their food and drink. Enter holistic nutrition, which aims to enhance people’s wellbeing – whether that be improving sleep, stress, mood or digestion. How are brands tapping into this trend?

What is The Food Intelligence Podcast?

The Food Intelligence Podcast is a show from Tastewise, where we talk to innovators and leaders in the food and beverage industry to learn how they grow brands and build amazing businesses. Our mission with this show is to share valuable advice with other Go-To-Market professionals in the food industry and learn as much as we can in the process.