Badass Moms - Getting Your Life Back, Fit Healthy and Balanced

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In this episode, Nicole Cruz takes discusses how you can still keep fit even when you are being interrupted all the time.

Show Notes

Keeping Fit For Moms When You Are Being Interrupted

  • They tell you to make time, but what does that mean? 
  • You need two things
    • Enough physical activity
      • Physical activity vs. training
    • Progressive overload
  • How to fit in physical activity
    • Active Play!
    • Walking breaks
    • Mobility/stretching
    • Short bursts
    • Working out with your kids (but this does not count as training!)
  • How to fit in progressive overload
    • Focus on high-intensity workouts that cannot be sustained and thus require recovery time 
      • HIIT
      • Hypertrophy
      • Power
      • Max strength
      • Plyometrics
    • Split your regimen into short segments that can be scattered throughout the day - be flexible
    • Muscle balance
    • Mobility 
    • Challenge of the week
      • To challenge different fitness abilities such as flexibility, stability, agility, etc. make it fun!

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What is Badass Moms - Getting Your Life Back, Fit Healthy and Balanced?

Stopped By Nothing with Nicole Cruz is about getting the best out of yourself in terms of your fitness goals, motivation and what you consume within your body. We look at getting fitter, faster with real results and breaking through the barriers that stop you.