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We continue our discussion with G, Squidge comes up with a new console, we talk about 80s action movies which NEED video game rebooting, Mrs. Doubtfire the video game, and a minor controversy with G and a someone at Microsoft

Show Notes

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As a way of moving on from our conversation on the Cupboard of Shame

which is definitely not a two-bit bucket, which is all that the Arcade Attack folks could get

we talk to G about his previous appearance on the show (which includes a comment from Jim Bennett), 80s action movie video games which need rebooting, and whether Squidge really is a Haitian Loa or not.

Full show notes, links to related stuff, music credits, and a full size version of the art work we've had done:

Definitely check out the full show notes for this episode friends. As with our previous three episodes, we've had a professional artist create the art. I think you'll agree that yurricanes has done an amazing job.

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