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ELI staff attorney Kristine Perry talks to Scott Wilson Badenoch, Jr., a Visiting Attorney, and Arielle King, ELI’s Environmental Justice Staff Attorney, about the Institute’s newest environmental justice initiative, the Pro Bono Clearinghouse.

Show Notes

On February 14, ELI launched the Pro Bono Clearinghouse to ensure that communities with viable environmental legal matters get the representation they need, whether that be in a courtroom, in front of an agency, or in a more facilitative or consultative fashion. In this episode, Kristine Perry, a staff attorney at ELI, is joined by Scott Wilson Badenoch Jr., a Visiting Attorney at ELI, and Arielle King, ELI’s Environmental Justice Staff Attorney, to talk about ELI’s newest environmental justice initiative and how it works. 

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What is People Places Planet Podcast?

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