Risk and Reels: A Cybersecurity Podcast

In this episode, Jeffrey talks to Tony Gonzalez, a former CTO, CIO and CISO in sectors such as biotech, pharma, specialty chemicals, finance and insurance. Today, Tony offers startup advisory and virtual CISO services. Jeffrey and Tony talk about movies where the main character unsuccessfully retires, the interesting nature of being a virtual CISO and how Tony assists startups.

Creators & Guests

Jeffrey Wheatman
Cyber Risk Expert, Evangelist, Thought Leader, Storyteller, Executive Advisor, and former Gartner Analyst

What is Risk and Reels: A Cybersecurity Podcast?

A podcast for movies. A podcast for cyber talk. A podcast for smart people to say smart things to smart listeners. Hosted by Jeffrey Wheatman, former Gartner Analyst.