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Henna Pryor joins Collin Mitchell in this episode of the Sales Hustle podcast. Let’s hear from Henna as she talks about how her career in finance started. She also talks about her apparent love for sales messaging and how it has contributed greatly to her becoming an Award-Winning Executive Coach, among many other things.

Show Notes

Henna Pryor is the Award-Winning Executive Coach & Sales Trainer who founded Pryority Group, Recruiter Rewire, and Chief, who has long since realized and actualized her vision that the access to executive coaching and career transformation strategy should not just be limited to the C-suite. Investment in oneself is the most important asset to any person’s continued success and growth. With this core principle, she takes a no-nonsense, modern day approach to upleveling sales teams through coaching, hands-on strategy, sales messaging and copywriting, and using technology in all the right ways.

Pryority Group, Recruiter Rewire, and Chief are dedicated to focus on the different expressions of Henna’s coaching strategies and specialties. Pryority Group is all about Modern Executive Coaching, Public Speaking, Performance Training, and Personal Development for 6 and 7 Figure High Achievers where she has greatly leveraged her philosophies and exclusively partnered with industry experts in specialty focus areas. This resulted in the company quickly becoming one of the fast-growing firms not just in the Metro Philadelphia area but all over the US. Meanwhile, Recruiter Rewire is where she helps frustrated sales and recruitment specialists blast through their plateaus and rewire their sales conversations and Chief is a private network focused on connecting and supporting women leaders.

Having established a 14-year career in Finance & Accounting recruiting, Henna has made a name for herself as she’s broken multiple records and successfully matched over 1,000 finance and accounting professionals with the best opportunities offered by companies that ranged from early stage start-ups to Fortune 500 global organizations. 

Henna got her Certification in Leadership Coaching of Organizational Performance from the American University. She also carries an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential through the International Coach Federation.

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