Collection of Jhourneys

In this episode, we talk to David Phelan, music producer and songwriter for Zayn, Sia, and Blackpink, who was on a recent Jhourney retreat. He shares how music, psychedelics, and a challenging time led him from identifying as a confident materialist to a regular meditator. He developed panic attacks, and then cured himself by intentionally inducing and observing them in meditation. For the first two thirds of the interview, I ask him detailed questions about his background, habits, and decisions that led him to where his meditation practice is today. In the final third of the interview, he shares how his recent jhana experience was as personally significant as his wedding day, and how he hopes to use jhanas to make music with less fear.

00:00 - Introduction and Background
06:30 - The Role of Music in Profound Altered States
08:44 - Growing Up in Ireland
11:45 - Transition from Materialist Worldview (Pre-2018)
13:55 - Diving into Music: Collaborations with Zayn, Sia, Nicki Minaj, Blackpink
18:08 - Concert Peak Experience: Turning to Wim Hof, Yoga, and Cold Showers
21:55 - Personal Growth: From 2 Million to 60 Million Followers and a 2-Hour Morning Routine
24:55 - The Bootstrap Problem and Catalyzing Peak Experiences
28:15 - Rational Approach to 'Woo' Content with a Focus on Experience
34:02 - Meditation: Confronting Fear and Creating Fearlessly
39:05 - First-Time Panic Attacks and Aversion to Altered States, Exploring the Phenomenology of Anxiety
46:20 - Overcoming Panic Attacks with Teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche and the Timing of Life Lessons
51:20 - Observing Panic Attacks Over 50 Times in Real-Time
56:00 - Discovering Teachings from Rob Burbea and Ram Dass: Moving Beyond State Chasing
1:00:05 - Using Meditation as an Inner Resource During a Friend's Death
1:03:40 - Experiences with Jhana Meditation
1:10:00 - Paradigm Shift in Intention During Jhourney's Retreat
1:16:50 - Deep Connection to Self and One of the Most Profound Life Experiences

What is Collection of Jhourneys?

We explore the stories of everyday people who have had their lives changed by the blissful and therapeutic states of jhana meditation. The jhanas are profoundly altered states of meditation that are a growing trend among meditators and scientists. We believe pragmatic instruction and feedback can save you months or years of stagnant practice. We've heard from hundreds of regular people who meditate (from engineer to musician) that have had their lives transformed by these states. Now, you can hear their stories.