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My guest today is Marzio Schena who is the CEO and Co-founder of ANote Music, the European marketplace for investing in music royalties. Investors often invest in alternative class of assets to diversify their holdings. Sounds like a good idea, right? But how easy is it to really build a business based on uncommon asset classes and what are the challenges a startup faces in doing so. That was the focus of my discussion with Marzio Schena.

Show Notes

Show Notes:
  • [2:57] - How does Anote work?
  • [6:32] - How do you convince investors to invest in music as an asset class where timeline and expected cash flows are unpredictable?
  • [10:44] - What songs or artists make ideal suppliers in Anote?
  • [16:37] - How do you value music and does it require a certain sophistication on the investors side?
  • [18:40] - Since you launched the platform, what are you seeing as yields/returns for investors?
  • [20:38] - How are you going to market? Finding investors and catalogs?
  • [22:28] - Why have other marketplaces for music royalties failed and what are you doing differently?
  • [25:57] - What factors are most important for the sustainability of marketplaces like Anote?
  • [28:04] - What did you need to do to get regulatory approval for Anote?
  • [32:51] - What were some of your biggest failures in your early days and what did you learn from it?
  • [34:57] - What are the biggest challenges currently facing your company?
  • [36:13] - Advice for other entrepreneurs and your future plans

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