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Squidgey talks to us all about the Resident Evil 2 board game. He received his copies, expansions, and kickstarter exclusives before the festive period, so he's had a fair bit of experience of playing it. And now he wants to tell us all about it.

Show Notes

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The B is back (it's almost like we record several of these on the same day). But this time, Squidgey wanted to go into a lot of detail around the Resident Evil 2 board game. He was a very early backer of it on KickStarter, and had to wait over a year for it to finally materialise - but, even now, he's super excited about the game. He received his copy (and the second copy, and the expansion packs, and the two copies of the KickStarter exclusives) before the festive period, so he's had a fair bit of experience of playing it.

We do mention a potential canon spoiler for the Resident Evil 2 Remake. We'd recorded the episode weeks before the remake was due out

we've also done some Resy 2 Remake specific episodes since then, too - check the full show notes for links

as such we didn't know whether what B was about to drop was an actual spoiler or not. Turns out that it's not, but it's useful to be aware of.

All this and more in episode 34 of the Waffling Taylors podcast: Damn Squidge!

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