Local First News (News of the North)

In this episode, we dive into the latest legal, environmental, and judicial news impacting Alaska.

We start with the shocking story of Dugan Daniels, a fisherman from Southeast Alaska, who has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges after admitting to directing the shooting of a sperm whale and falsifying sablefish catch records. Daniels faces fines, community service, and possible jail time. We’ll explore the details of his plea deal and the implications for the fishing industry.

Next, we head to Nenana, where the town is set to buy back nearly 188 acres of railroad-owned land. The Alaska Legislature recently approved a bill facilitating this sale, which paves the way for significant development projects. We'll discuss what this means for the community and its future growth.

We cover President Biden’s recent wave of environmental regulations, including stringent new rules on coal-fired power plants, vehicle emissions, and oil drilling. These moves are part of his broader strategy to secure his environmental legacy amid mounting opposition. We’ll break down the key points and reactions from various stakeholders.

The Alaska Judicial Council has recommended that state voters retain all 19 judges on the November election ballot, though not without some dissent. 
We’ll discuss the controversy surrounding Judge Adolf Zeman’s recent ruling and the council’s decision-making process.
The Biden administration has announced that listing Alaska king salmon populations under the Endangered Species Act could be warranted, leading to a broader scientific study. We’ll examine the potential impacts on fishing and other activities in Alaska.

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