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In today’s quirky episode, we discuss everything from 3D printers, including printing your own home, to DTC brands that are hugely successful, such as dog food, makeup, and gender neutral perfume; before touching upon hydration multipliers, and the best sorts of lube. It’s an eclectic mix as always! Don’t miss out.

Key takeaways:
3D printing
Jinx dog food
Gender neutral perfume
The rise of DTC brands
Hydration multipliers

Show Notes

The longer we’re all working from home, the more we figure out how to be self-sufficient, and one thing that’s becoming increasingly popular is 3D printing, in particular, printing things at home. 

In fact, you can even 3D print your new home if you want.

“There's a bunch of interesting new startups that are 3D printing houses, where they'll prefab all of it, pre-print it and then essentially move an entire house to wherever the location you want to build it is.”

DTC brands are really shaking up the marketplace right now. By going direct to consumers, they’re cutting out the middleman and one thing that makes them super successful, is they are creating a community around the brand too, building awareness and encouraging advocacy. 

“Live Tinted is a beauty brand started in the US and it’s basically beauty products that are catered towards tinted skin. One of the amazing things they've done is built this really powerful community across social media that is driving all their success.”

Finally, if you're looking for a hydration multiplier, try Liquid IV. You can also find a hydration multiplier with immune support, there’s another with energy, and another to help you sleep. 

Don’t miss this latest episode of Halo Drop, it’s eclectic, educational and cheeky in all the right places. 

On today’s podcast:
  • 3D printing
  • Jinx dog food
  • Gender neutral perfume
  • The rise of DTC brands
  • Hydration multipliers


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