Corralling the Chaos

When it comes to paying daily overtime vs. weekly the perception is not always the reality. Angela Alea unpacks this topic for us in a solo episode.

Show Notes

Here's What We're Talking About:

  • Why no one is upset about getting overtime at 8 hours vs. 10. 
  • How embracing change can help us progress as an industry.
  • Why holding onto the "this is how it's always been done" mentality” is costing you.
  • Why sometimes daily overtime doesn’t mean you’re making more money. 
  • Why we need to start asking the right questions when it comes to daily overtime vs. weekly.   
  • Why your old way of thinking is standing in your way. 

What is Corralling the Chaos?

Corralling The Chaos is a weekly podcast for companies and crew professionals in the event industry. We pull back the curtain to talk publicly about the things event professionals worry about privately. We’re asking the tough questions so we can give you the answers you need. And nothing is off-limits.

This podcast is hosted by Angela Alea, President and Chief Revenue Officer at LASSO.