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Feelings of inadequacy can be challenging enough as a writer, let alone dealing with toxic people. It can be easy to fall into a negative thought pattern, give power to those toxic thoughts and believe in them enough to lose touch of your real self.

Show Notes

It's unfortunate but true that some people will seek to bring you down, but their definition of you says more about them than it does about you. It's time to push back against destructive people and believe in yourself.

We are what we tell ourselves. How can we turn discordant feelings around? 

In this episode you will discover: 

  • How your thoughts expand to inform your experiences.
  • By ignoring your senses that deny the fulfilment of your desire, you will soon merge with your infinite being in creative unity.
  • When we fuse with our thoughts, we believe in them.
  • We are what we think - be mindful.
  • The Five Personalities You Don’t Need in Your Life. 
  • How to turn your thoughts around and hold belief in yourself.
  • No one can write the story quite like you - celebrate your unique writing voice.

Creativity Prompt: Today, I will view my immediate world through my creative eye and spot the possibilities I may have missed.

Thanks for joining in on our conversations. 

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What is Creative Writing Energy ?

Conversations about the writer’s life, craft and alternative practices with Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans.