Opportunity Thrives

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Show Notes

Summer school has always been an important time for schools and for districts to try and get their students up to speed for the year ahead. In this episode, we speak with Kathy Moffitt, Director of Administrative Projects, and Carol Boatman, Director of Learning and Innovation from the Anchorage School District about their plans for the summer. And they're going to share ideas and strategies about building flexible offerings to meet the needs of their students. They're also going to talk about how their summer school program they're designing it to meet the needs of the entire student population or service the entire student population.

What is Opportunity Thrives ?

How can we better support students who struggle? We know that addressing the needs of struggling students strengthens our schools, creates stronger communities, brighter futures and a more equitable world. The average student who starts below grade level has just a 1 in 4 chance of catching up. This means a tremendous number of students are struggling nationwide. Through interviews with students, teachers, administrators, technologists and education influencers, we want to understand what’s working in our schools today, what’s not and how we can impact positive, lasting change.