Interview with Nicholas Galanin and OCNotes (Otis Calvin iii) of Ya Tseen
Indian Yard (2021)

Show Notes

Nicholas Galanin, Tlingit and Unungax, is quite possibly one of the most important artists presently on the scene.  Living in Sitka, Alaska, he’s a constant force of creativity. If he’s not helping Indigenous Nations reclaim stolen lands, he’s building a canoe or cohosting a cooking show with his parter, Merritt Johnson.  His mixed media work’s represented by Peter Blum Gallery in lower Manhattan.  Musically, he’s recorded as Silver Jackson and Indian Agent. His newest band with longtime Collaborator Otis Calvin iii is Ya Tseen- which means ‘be alive’ in Tlingit. They released their first album, Indian Yard, April 30th and its also their debut for Sub Pop Records in Seattle. Collaborations on Indian Yard include Portugal. The Man, Qachung and Ishmael Butler of Shabaaz Palaces and Digable Planets.

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