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We sit down with Emma Cary as she describes her goals of making the CrossFit Games as a 16 year old next year. She has already won the 14-15 year old division at the Games, won the 16-17 year old Age Group Online Qualifier, finished in the top 100 of the world wide CrossFit Open, finished in the top 12 in three events during the CrossFit Open and had the best score in the first event of the Dubai CrossFit championships this May. Hold on to your seats to see what she is going to do next.
Plus we check in on Charlie's Murph, talk about the permit application for the Games, the Seminars are back, Gym's are starting to open, and our best thing from the internet.

Show Notes

2:45 Start of interview
8:45 - Granite Games 2019 Elite division experience
12:00 - The 2020 CrossFit Games canceled
14:30 - Goals for the 2021 season
16:45 - Her own programming
18:00 - Starting CrossFit 
21:30 - Nutrition
24:00 - School life
25:35 - Coaching kids
26:50 - Sports Psychology - mindset
29:30 - Jim - Emma's dog
32:30 - Emma's Faith
34:20 - Plans after high school
38:00 - Fun questions 
40:10 - Brute Fridays
44:15 - Sanctionals for the 2021 Season
47:48 - Warp Up
49:45 - Charlie's Murph
55:50 - CrossFit Games at the Ranch - More Details ( )
1:00:30 - CrossFit Seminars in the US ( )
1:02:30 - Shred CrossFit opens up
1:04:20 -  CrossFit gyms opening DE
1:07:35 - Best things on the internet
Adrian Bozman - Lunch break conversations on IG (follow @apbozman)
Sara Sigmundsdottir - falls off her pullup bar (on IG @sarasigmunds)
Slap Championship -
When CrossFit gyms post videos of athletes with HORRIBLE form
Kevin Hart's interview with Joe Rogan
1:15:48 - Our Murph Montage!

What is The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends?

I am an average Joe who loves to do Functional Fitness, loves fitness as a sport. I started my journey at over 500 lbs have lost over 200 lbs and struggle with weight everyday. This is my journey of healthy living and exercising in a larger body. My Friends Amy Rudawsky, Charlie Otey and Cat Scherer and I talk with people in and around the sport of fitness as well as share our opinions about the news of the day.