What's the Tsismis?

Tune in to hear Micah relive her cringe years, including movie theatre makeouts and a day care centre flooding! In this episode, Ryan Lacanilao asks Micah Leonida to throw way back to her junior high years. What did she look like and dress like, and what was her crush situation? What shenanigens did she get up to? Which friends did she lose touch with, and who was her favourite teacher?

Ryan then brings Micah’s past to the present by tracking down people from her stories and arranging surprise zoom reunions that you can listen in on! Listen in as she talks to former bestie Natalie Czuczman about a shared crush and some dress drama (#dressgate). And feel all the feels as she talks to her Grade 9 Social Studies teacher, Kendra Van Leeuwen, about the lasting impact she had on her life.

What is What's the Tsismis??

An inside look on Pilipinx identity in the diaspora. A new podcast from CJSR 88.5 FM in Edmonton.