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Keiran Whitaker is the Founder and CEO of Entocycle.

Did you know in the UK and EU, we are 95% dependent on protein imports? And the majority of this protein isn’t what we eat, it’s what we use to feed the animals that we eat! The way we currently source and consume protein is taking a huge toll on our planet and is not sustainable.

Keiran created Entocycle to accelerate a global shift to sustainable protein using insects. Insects are a much more efficient and sustainable source of protein requiring less land, water and development time compared to meat and plant based proteins. There are even insects like the Black Soldier Fly that can feed on food waste and turn that into a natural fertiliser.

Keiran discusses the exciting future of insect protein and how that can help tackle food poverty and climate change. 


01:43: Keiran’s upbringing and interest in sustainability
06.08: What is “sustainable protein?”
08.30: The main types of insect protein and products in the market
12.26: How did Kieran first discover the potential of insect protein
14.46: What is Entocycle?
21.44: Ensuring investors align with your values and mission
25.24: The Entocycle products and their revenue model
28.18: How are Entocycle using their Series A funding
34.15: The transition from scuba diver to startup founder
39.36: Two things to do to hire people that take your company to the next level 
43.17: How Entocycle attract top talent

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