Politically Insane

Show Notes

Should those in the LGBTQ+ have the same voting rights? Biden's vax mandate was halted by the Supreme Court, but it won't stop him from fighting against your freedoms. Omicron is showing to be less severe, but more contagious showing numbers over 90% of the current cases. Could this pandemic finally be the endemic? Even with Omicron showing to be less severe, there's still an epidemic of teachers refusing to teach in person. This is ruining our education system. This and much more on this episode of Politically Insane.

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What is Politically Insane?

Christianity belongs in politics. That is an insane idea, isn’t it? Christians ought to fight back against the evil going on in American politics. Insane, right? Politically Insane is a political show with a fight from a Christian POV to stop the evil ideology going on in society today in America. We talk about today’s top news and encourage Christians in America to stand up against a society that expects us to back down and allow ungodly living in our country.

This show is weekly released on Saturday mornings.