Rabbit Hole Stories

In today’s episode, we spoke with Nicholas Gregory, the co-founder of Civkit and CommerceBlock. 

Nicholas used to work as a software developer in the banking world in New York. This is where he discovered Bitcoin and has been actively working in the industry. 

We spoke about his rabbit hole story, why he likes martial arts so much, how proper breathing can help you solve problems faster, and what his takes are on the current events in the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

You can follow Nicholas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gregory_nico 

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What is Rabbit Hole Stories?

🎙️ This podcast is about ple₿'s and their Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Stories.

We're interested to hear all the different reasons someone got on board. You'll often hear different opinions, discussions, and topics. However, we all have one thing in common.

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