LuxUnplugged Podcast

In this new special series on the space industry, Dark Matter Uncovered, Adrien and Thierry welcome back a regular guest of the LuxUnplugged Podcast series, Marc Serres. As the CEO of the dynamic Luxembourg Space Agency, Marc walks them through the key initiatives that underpin the Luxembourg space sector and what he expects of the Dark Matter Uncovered series.

Show Notes

Adrien and Thierry welcome Marc Serres, CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency, to this new Dark Matter Uncovered series. A regular speaker on the LuxUnplugged Podcast, Marc reviews all the main events that happened in 2021 and took the local space sector another step forward. Alongside the very strategy that his agency has been devising to materialise the government's objectives, Marc also emphasises on the importance of the education and research ecosystems, such as or the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, that underpin the whole industry. Importantly, he also touches upon a new Luxembourg-based fund, Orbital Ventures, that attracted €120 million to invest in space start-ups.
As this series is about enlightening the wider public on the importance of the space industry in Luxembourg and further afield, Adrien wonders what applications from this sector are underappreciated by the public and yet so ubiquitous in everyone's daily lives. Finally, they ask Marc what he expects of this special series and what he looks forward to in 2022 and beyond.

This series is kindly supported by Hogan Lovells.

What is LuxUnplugged Podcast?

People from Luxembourg are quite familiar with the country’s discreet approach when it comes to blowing its own trumpet at the global scale. Despite its relatively small geographic print, the Grand Duchy punches well above its weight on the world stage!

This podcast is here to shed light on Luxembourg’s global influence from the perspective of two Luxembourgers living in London.