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In this episode of Content Matterz, we discuss the beauty of unscripted content. Allowing for the wonder and the unknown is what makes the unscripted so captivating -- be it a documentary, a podcast, or a TV show. Seeing this content play out through these mediums reminds us this unscripted nature exists in our lives every day -- in a conversation or a chance encounter. Larry King would say he loved waking up in the morning knowing there would be a ballgame that evening and not knowing what would happen. It was unscripted. And that allows for wonder and curiosity.

This unscripted way of being is what we see in podcasting conversations. It opens the door for so much unknown. Friendship, presence, moments, connection, opportunity, learning, significance, and more.

This episode features John Erhard. John Ehrhard is the Founder and CEO of Orson Technology. He has been in the television industry since he was 16 years old working as a producer for many shows such as Pool Kings, My Big Redneck Vacation, and Hogan Knows Best. He has adapted within the media industry and is creating new ways to produce content through AI technology with StoryShop AI, powered by Orson.

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