Startup to Last

This week, many of our topics have a common theme: How do you put a plan together to run a sustainable company? I mean, this podcast is called "Startup to last" so I guess it makes sense for us to talk about that from time to time.

Show Notes

Topics this week:
  • Rick is canceling his CRM subscription.
  • Tyler is considering where his newsletter fits into his overall plan.
  • Based on our conversation last week, Rick has new clarity around the future of LegUp Health.
  • Tyler explains how LACRM came up with their long-term product roadmap.
  • Rick is going through continuing education.
  • We discuss some touchy feely things related to the passage of time.

What is Startup to Last?

Two founders talk about how to build software businesses that are meant to last. Each episode includes a deep dive into a different topic related to starting, growing, and sustaining a healthy business.