Real Talk with Tonya Sakowicz

Seeking to level up your business? Come learn how you can support your clients even more through education that works for today's adults.

Show Notes

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Laura Nance has been working with families and professionals for over 20 years. She loves to inspire and ignite passion in professionals to support families in ways that help families to thrive and feel empowered and confident. She serves on the leadership team with CAPPA as the senior program advisor for the postpartum doula and new parent educator programs and has been a trainer with CAPPA since 2005. Laura loves to support families as they navigate the early weeks after a baby is born in a way that helps them to heal and recover as well as to build a relationship of trust with their new baby. She owns a doula and educator collaborative.

Laura lives in the foothills of NC with her husband of over 30 years, Brent. She has 2 children in their twenties, Jay and Brenna, who taught her so much about birth, babies, and being a parent. They also taught her how much she didn’t know as a parent and how much support families need. She recently gained a bonus daughter when her son was married earlier this year. She hopes to one day be a really cool grandma. Both her daughters have followed her into the world of working with families as doulas. Laura is a crazy cat lady currently at 4 cats and another who resides in her heart. She also has a grand dog that she loves to spoil. When she isn’t working, she loves to sit on the beach for hours and read, go to concerts and sing and dance, travel, and get muddy and sweaty running trails.

What is Real Talk with Tonya Sakowicz?

We help parents and caregivers gain knowledge to increase their confidence and their success in caring for children. We’ll cover topics like feeding your baby, getting your baby and you much needed sleep, and pretty much anything else that has to do with caring for babies and their families after birth. Society sets parents up to fail; we are here to change that!