Out of Beta

Matt’s Summit Chrome extension is live and he’s now thinking about new spaces to create calculators in, maybe even the stock market or currencies. Peter is still in customer research mode, trying to figure out who Reform is for and which markets to go after.

Show Notes

Matt’s Summit Chrome extension is live, meaning you can now get a calculator in just a click, and so he’s exploring new calculators to use with it. Peter is still sick but is working through it by getting deep into customer research, figuring out the best customers for Reform. Both Matt and Peter have horizontal products, so they discuss how this both helps and hinders them


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Creators & Guests

Matt Wensing 🐙
Founder of Summit.
Peter Suhm
Ops at Tailwind CSS. Built (and sold) Reform, Branch, & WP Pusher.

What is Out of Beta?

Follow our journey as we build and launch two startups. Hosted by Matt Wensing, founder of Summit, and Peter Suhm, founder of Reform.