The New Real Estate Agent: Tips, Tricks, Advice & Building Your Business

Episode #23: Understand The Real Estate Business - 30,000 ft. View Of How The Industry Works. In this episode I break down the two general parts of the real estate industry and how it all works.

Show Notes

Welcome to The New Real Estate Agent Podcast! I am a new real estate agent who wants to help other new real estate agents learn the industry and grow their business. I am here to help you maximize your potential to reach your ultimate goals, whether you are brand new or have been in the industry and closed deals. As a newer real estate agent entering my third year of licensing, I am now building my team and transitioning out of production. I'd like to show you how to do it as well!

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What is The New Real Estate Agent: Tips, Tricks, Advice & Building Your Business?

The New Real Estate Agent podcast is helping real estate agents that are brand new as well as real estate agents who have closed deals and are still looking for tips, tricks, advice and most importantly, what to avoid in the real estate industry as a newer real estate agent.