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On today's Special 2-Hour Bonus Episode of The Thriller Zone, we honor the life of one of the world's finest talents.

New York Times Bestselling author Ted Bell passed away this past week, leaving behind a loving family, and a legion of avid fans.

As the creator of the Alex Hawke Series, among other titles, I will fondly remember Ted as a Southern gentleman with a stylish flair, a wonderful sense of humor, and a genuine zest for life.

Today's show features two past episodes of The Thriller Zone, back to back, and shows just what a wonderful and engaging storyteller Ted was.

I wish he hadn't left so soon, as there was so much he had yet to give, and there were so many cocktails we had yet to enjoy.

I, like many others, were lucky to call him friend, so lift a glass and toast one of our finest authors, as we Remember Ted Bell.

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