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The Union of Progressive Peoples and the Coriolis Calendar, plus Vaesen, Klingons, Albacon and the Mercy of the Icons

Show Notes

00.00.40: Introduction
00.03.09: Thank you to our new Patrons: Thomas Boulton and Hari Seldon 
00.04.46: World of Gaming - Vaesen fulfilment and pre-order; Free League showcase; Bitter Reach; GenCon Online; AlbaCon; Klingons
00.26.00: Two more picks from the the Free League Workshop
00.35.09: Alien: The Union of Progressive Peoples
00.48.30: Campaign catch up: Matt asks Dave for feedback on the first adventure in Mercy of the Icons, Wake of the Martyr
01.03.54: The Coriolis Calendar links as promised to Trevor's; Jhekarn's; and OrunII's
01.17.31: Next time and goodbye
Effekt is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.

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What is Effekt?

A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.