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Welcome To Season 3 & The New Health Geeks Where We Provide Health Conversations That Don't Suck, Aren't Boring & Inspire.

Show Notes

Welcome to the new Health Geeks where we provide health conversations that don't suck, aren't boring & inspire.

I am Paul Nottoli D.C. the Founder Of Health Geeks.  4 years ago I started Health Geeks to make more of an impact in the health and lives of more people outside of my private practice and Chicago area (i know #inspo).   

During that journey, I was at a crossroads and burned out in my private practice. I started Health Geeks with a friend of mine and went all in doing podcasts, consults, videos, blog posts, products. 

What started as something fun that we enjoyed, amounted to pressure to be like every other online health site. Well, as you can imagine, since most health websites are overhyped, generally suck and are boring, it turned into being as fun as a wet fart.

So, I made a change, a change to be different and 3 rules of not sucking, not being boring and inspire others to take action.

I am not a guru or an influencer. I am sharing my journey and helping you create a personalized action plan to improve your health while having fun.

I am excited to introduce you to the new Health Geeks and for you to be part of this journey.

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What is Health Geeks Radio?

Health Geeks Radio is providing health conversations that don't suck, aren't boring, and inspire. This is more than just eat than an eat your kale and be happy show. We are the health revolution.

*All information is not intended to replace personal medical advice*