Far Betterment

Derek Kessinger is a Colorado sports journalist and a well traveled writer and observer. His passion and voice shine through on this episode of Far Betterment. You can also find Derek on twitter @DerekInDenver

Show Notes

Derek is a sports Journalist from Colorado. His introspective look at passion, writing, social media, and human connection, are enough to invoke a thoughtful look at myself and my dealings with people and especially this podcast. I was really glad to have him on and we even got a chance to talk about the Colorado Avalanche and their inevitable entrance to the second round of the NHL playoffs. Derek can be found on twitter @DerekInDenver  where he shares his thoughts on sports, and all manner of things that pop into his head. Please be sure to check him out on twitter and in this weeks episode of Far Betterment. 

What is Far Betterment?

How well do you we really know each other?

This is my exploration into human connection and vulnerability.

Learning new things about old friends, and old things about new friends.
Far Betterment - Self improvement over any distance.